Advisers push student senate to spend more on student body



Advisers of the Associated Student Government at Friday’s meeting encouraged senators to reallocate funds to cultivate a relationship with an otherwise distant student body.

The senate now has over $100,000 in its bank account, which senators and advisers view as an opportunity to begin hosting various events for City College students.

Faculty adviser Dr. Christopher Johnson supported an increase in spending toward student events, which is currently set at an inadequate $1,000 budget. This provides senators the opportunity to bond with the student body while communicating their goals for the college.

“It’s very healthy when money is spent responsibly,” said Dylan Raiman, president of the student senate. “We spend money on what we deem is best for the students.”

Some suggested events are movies in the park, small concerts and games.

“You can be as policy driven as you want, but unless it’s something tangible people won’t care,” Johnson said. “They’re going to think about what are we doing for our students.”

Additional events suggested by Johnson include providing students a safe and fun Halloween activity to steer them away from Isla Vista’s annual Halloween party.

“There are a lot of things other campuses are doing for their students for Halloween and our students are left wandering the streets.” Johnson said.

The senate wants events to start taking place as soon as possible. They are focusing on becoming an integral part of campus life and these events are the first steps in doing so.