Student Senate stagnant as lack of senators halt further progress



With only six of the 20 positions filled, Student Senate members felt the strain from lack of membership during this week’s meeting, stopping further action on important issues.

“We aren’t operating at maximum efficiency,” said Sebastian Rothstein, public relations officer. “We get less representation, we have less diversity within our group; everything we do we could have done better with more people.”

Senate members stressed that participating in government is a vital way be active in the decisions that directly affect campus life. 

“It’s tough work, and a lot of time, but we need to encourage the student voice,” said Bryanna Singuenza, vice president of external affairs.

Students interested in participating in the senate are encouraged to attend the Friday meetings at 9 am and fill out the application online.

Applications for senator and officer positions will be accepted through Sept. 15. Until then much of the senate’s progress will remain mostly stagnant.

Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated whether the senate had a quorum and could legally move on.  The senate did have a quorum (or majority) of its existing members and could continue to meet.