Transportation Alternatives Group debates new strategies

RYAN JOEL, News Editor

The Transportation Alternatives Group went back to the drawing board Friday after receiving word that parking fees cannot exceed $70 per semester according to the California Education Code.

Parking consultants Fehr & Peers attended the April 18 meeting and brought an extensive list of strategies that City College could continue to consider instead of the proposed fee increase.

After reviewing some of the items on the list, Fehr & Peers’ Principal in Office, Sarah Brandenberg mentioned “any time you start collecting data you always seem to end up with more questions.”

The list contained an item that noted Santa Monica College charges their students $85 per semester which violates the same code disallowing City College from increasing its parking fees.

Group leader and Vice President of Business Services, Joe Sullivan mentioned that he doesn’t know how Santa Monica is allowed to do that but is inclined to contact them.

“If we don’t make the costs at least somewhat painful then incentives [not to drive] become meaningless,” said accounting department Assistant Controller, James Zavas. “If it costs $100 a year to park, most people will just pay that.”

One member brought up the fact that in some cases, if you show that the cost of permits are being subsidized, people will see the cost as less harmful and more beneficial.

Sullivan concluded the meeting by mentioning that there is a need for an actual Transportation Demand Management position on campus.

The group will be on hiatus until they reconvene in the fall.