Student Senate looks into locations for food bank


Wilson Hartsock, Channels Staff

The City College Associated Student Senate is struggling to find a vault for its food bank, but believes that the program will become a reality by Fall 2014.

“Finding a space isn’t necessarily easy,” said Ellie Katzenson, president of the Associated Student Senate. “But regardless, it will happen.”

One idea passing through the Senate is bringing a van to campus on certain days of the week. The van would serve as a portable food bank until the Senate can find a space on campus for a permanent bank. The idea is based on a “if you build it, they will come” scenario.

Marc Sullivan, director of food services, told the Senate that when they present a business proposal with student support that he would help find the appropriate space.

“It’s one way our Student Senate is really trying to take care of the fundamental needs of the students,” Senator Nicolas Steil said.

The City College food bank idea began by following in the footsteps of the UCSB food storage program and its partnership with the Santa Barbara FoodBank.

The Santa Barbara FoodBank acknowledges the meal needs of students on campus and an alliance is the goal.

The City College Food Bank is a non-profit basic food storage, open to all students that lack the funds or are unable to meet this basic need.

Gracie Maynetto, vice president of Senate Affairs, said she is concerned about the amount of students in need.

“Over 64 percent of the student body can’t eat or afford meals,” Maynetto said. “We’re trying to make our student body healthier and make a better learning environment for everyone.”

The Senate still has to get approval from administration, but has all the necessary ingredients to bring the food bank to the student body.

The next regularly scheduled Associated Student Senate meeting is at 9 a.m. Friday, Feb. 21, in Campus Center Room 223.