Staff accused of hitting student with SBCC vehicle


Ryan Joel, Channels Staff

October 21 – 10 p.m.

A student in the Learning Resource Center reported that someone stole his coffee mug and changed the margins on his Microsoft Word document while he was using the bathroom. The stolen mug is the fourth instance of petty theft reported to campus security this week. Other items stolen included a bag of tools, an iPhone and a bike. There have been no other reports of margin changing.

October 21 – 9:55 p.m.

A student reported to campus security that his bike had been stolen from the Luria Library lobby. He had been gone for less than five minutes when it was stolen. After alerting security, the student went to local bike shops in town and asked them to keep an eye out for his bike. The bike’s estimated worth is around $1,500.

One bike shop employee was able to identify the man who stole the student’s bike and took a picture of the man. The student then took the picture to the Santa Barbara Police Department.

The next day the victim was able to identify the perpetrator and contacted campus security. They proceeded to call the police. When the officers showed up, they stopped the bike thief and asked him to identify himself. The police then took the suspect into custody on suspicion of petty theft.

After taking the man to the station, they found that he identified himself under a false name. The department charged him with providing false information but did not charge him for the stolen bike. The victim has yet to receive his bike.

October 22 – 1:40 p.m.

Campus security was called to the Earth and Biological Sciences building after conflict arose between a City College staff member and a student. The student reported that the staff member struck him in the back with a registered college vehicle while he was walking on campus.

The staff member denied the claim of hitting the student in the back. He said that his side view mirror only nudged the student’s backpack. The student is not pressing charges and said that he just wants students on campus to be safe. The incident will be dealt with at the Administrative Services.

October 22 – 11:10 a.m.

A campus security officer reported that a skateboarder intentionally ran into him on the bridge between East and West campus. The officer said that he told the student to get off his skateboard and the student complied. About 15 seconds later the student got back on his skateboard and rode toward the officer. The officer again told the student to get off his skateboard and the skateboarder did not obey. The student ran into the officer and pushed him about two feet back and rode off.

The security officer then alerted other members of security on campus who were able to pursue the skateboarder to Pershing Park. After they found the skater they asked him to identify himself and present his student identification card. The student denied them access to the information and rode off. Campus security was not able to catch the skateboarder.