Student throws coins, threatens assault in SBCC parking lot


Scott Buffon, News Editor

Thursday, Sept. 19 – 3:35 p.m.

An individual reported to Campus Security that a pedestrian ran into their Lexus while driving onto campus. The student hit the car and left fingerprints on the window. After laughing it off, the student ran to the bus stop and entered the metropolitan transit vehicle. The driver of the car believed the student hit his car on purpose and proceeded to follow the bus with his smudged Lexus. After the bus stopped to pick up more people, the driver parked and boarded the bus forcing the student to give his name and ID. Campus security advised the driver to file a police report.


Friday, Sept. 20 – 1:50 p.m.

East Campus cafeteria staff reported a male student for staring at the female cashiers. The male was sitting directly behind the checkout. After the campus security arrived on scene, the student confessed to security that he stole two energy bars from the cafeteria. Security made him pay for the bars he stole then reprimanded him for bothering the cashiers. The man is no longer allowed to sit in the cafeteria.


Tuesday, Sept. 24 – 2:10 p.m.

A student reported being assaulted and threatened to Campus Security. The victim was in Parking Lot 2C by the stadium looking for parking. He went around a car waiting at the entrance to a row, looking for parking elsewhere. The student in the stopped car pulled up to the victim and threw coins at his car while yelling obscenities. After they both found parking spots, the offender approached the victim and pushed him yelling, “What the f— man? I’m going to f— you up. F— you.” When the victim told the instigator that he didn’t want to fight, the man called his friend and said that they should “teach this guy a lesson.” The student followed up by taking a picture of the offender’s license plate and sending it to Campus Security. Security referred the offender to student discipline.