SBCC students to be surveyed on year-round school proposal


Hannah Smith, News Editor

A survey will be sent out next week via pipeline to see if there is interest in adding two six-week summer sessions to help students graduate faster.

During the Sept. 18 Educational Policies meeting, Executive Vice President Jack Friedlander presented ways to increase enrollment at City College.

The biggest change would be intensifying summer school by splitting it into two sessions.

By doing this, spring semester would start earlier, making winter break shorter. Graduation would be mid-May which would give students and staff a couple weeks break before summer school started.

Classes would be more concentrated, therefore allowing students to take more courses and graduate City College in the suggested two year period.

“I believe that we should be a year-round college,” said Friedlander. “Time is the enemy for students; the shorter period of time for them to get through their education, the better.”

Before the Board of Trustees makes any decisions, they want to know how the students feel about these changes.

Friedlander will be sending out an online survey to poll current City College students, as well as local high school students.

“The student survey is the key because I do worry about the students,” said Superintendent President Lori Gaskin. “They need a break, just like faculty and in these compressed semesters they’re going a mile a minute… I’m very eager to hear what they have to say.”

The committee brought up concerns like finding teachers who are willing to work throughout the entire summer, as well as staff to maintain the facilities.

“There’s a cost to everything. Nothing is for nothing,” Friedlander said. “We’d have to pay our classified employees to work 10 or 11 months out of the year.

“But other year-round colleges do it, so I’m convinced this is the right thing to do.”

He pointed out more logistical challenges the college would have to work out but they want to makes sure the students support the summer session before they invest time into planning it.

“It sounds like we’re doing this for the right reason,” said Trustee Veronica Gallardo. “I think this sounds great and I hope students agree.”

If students approve the proposed summer sessions, they will start the summer of 2015.