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Aspen Institute prize money will be used for student success

City College officials are looking for ways to put the prize money from The Aspen Institute award back into student success.

In March 2013, Santa Barbara City College and Walla Walla City College tied for number one community college in the nation. Along with the recognition and pride, both colleges were awarded $400,000 in funds.

The Aspen Institute distributes $1,000,000 between the winners. $800,000 was divided between the two winners and $200,000 between second and third place.

“We want to use this money to raise our margin of excellence and keep going above and beyond,” said Dr. Jack Friedlander, executive vice president.

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The money is currently sitting in an account where it is growing interest.

Superintendent-President Dr. Lori Gaskin proposed to the College Planning Council the idea of taking the money that has been generated from interest out annually and putting it back into the college.

“It’s a way to support an on-going basis that makes us unique,” said Gaskin. “We plan on putting it right back into the reasons that we are number one.”

The College Planning Council was in full support of Gaskin’s proposal.

Dr. Friedlander wants to focus part of the money into new technologies. For example, having classes that will teach students how to use up-to-date computers for their studies.

“[The money] will be used to support innovative projects that will promote student success,” said Friedlander.

The college hopes to keep the account growing by adding private donations.

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