Senate concerned with distribution of bookstore funds


Hannah Smith, Staff Writer

The Associated Student Senate is pushing back on a proposal that would allow the Board of Trustees to allocate City College bookstore revenue.

The bookstore’s generated profits have been funding student life at City College for years. Everything from events the Student Senate puts on, to travel expenses for sports teams are all made possible by the bookstore.

In the past, the bookstore’s manager made the decisions as to how the funds were distributed. In June of last year, Kathy Brown was promoted to the director of bookstore services. Brown does not feel she is qualified to continue making this executive decision.

“I don’t want to be in the business of determining what’s best for the campus and especially the student programs,” Brown said.

City College is revising its policies and proposed the Board of Trustees now take on the distributing responsibilities. This raised red flags for many faculty members at the Academic Senate meeting on Feb. 20, 2013.

Student senators are worried the money will no longer be going directly to the students.

“We’re concerned that we do not know what’s happening with our money and where it’s being spent,” said Interim Student Advocate Justin Perocco. “We don’t want it to be funneled away from these student programs.”

Brown reassured them that no matter who distributes the money, it will still be going to fund the same student programs.

“Nothing will be funneled anywhere because I run a tight operation and I don’t like funny funneling of money,” Brown said.

The student senate held a discussion on who should allocate funds and decided the best solution is to give responsibility to the college president and a small committee.