Half a million dollar extra for remodeling the Learning Resources Center

Johan Hammerby

Money continued to be the focus  at the Academic Senate’s meeting Feb. 23.

The session focused on raising the budget for the remodeling of the Cartwright Learning Resources Center, as well as rights for reassignments were the most debated topics.

The LRC hasn’t had any major remodeling since 1998, but this summer work will begin. The project will make it so that there will be room for more tutors. The $325,000 budgeted from Measure V isn’t enough. The Academic Senate was asked to vote to raise it to $825,000, with all the funds still from Measure V.

Gerald Pike, director of the LRC, attended the meeting to talk about the issue.

“Remodeling sounds cosmetic,” Pike said. “But you will actually be getting a whole lot for the money.”

Senate member Kathy O’Connor urged the senate to move quickly on this question.

“It needs to get started this summer so it can be completed this summer,” O’Connor said.

A large majority of the board voted for the increase with one member opposing and three members putting down their votes.

The other widely discussed topic was “A Few Thoughts on Reassignment Rights,” which was the response from the Instructor’s Association to a draft of suggestions on what rules should be implied for adjunct faculties reappointment rights.

Library director Kenley Neufeld said the Academic Senate was “not being the forum for this discussion,” after 15 minutes of discussion. It took up almost half the meeting. It was said it needed to be more developed by other levels.

Brought up as a Hearing/Discussion item, no action was taken on this topic, but it was instead adjourned to the next meeting.

The document, as the title suggested, was neither a draft nor a policy. Several senators pointed out some thoughts were not close to being complete.

Still, many senate members had opinions about it and how it needs to be set up.

“It [can’t] be too vague as well as being too specified,” said English associate professor Barbara Bell.

Examples from other schools as well as more inputs will be discussed on the next meeting, March 9.