Incident Report

Gabriel Cabello

Aug. 20

A car accident in the Loma Alta parking lot (2-A) occurred when a campus gardener backed up his cart at the same time a student driver reversed to leave her parking spot. A damaged taillight was the only destructive result.

Aug. 24

Two flat screen Dell monitors, estimated at $200 each, were stolen from the Interdisciplinary Center. The media services member reporting the incident believes the monitors where taken over the weekend, and last remembers seeing them the previous Friday, Aug. 21.

An Administrative Assistant from the Interdisciplinary Building notified campus security about the possible burglary of a missing cash box. The assistant explained that the metal box was in a locked drawer inside a filing cabinet, and stated that only a handful of people knew about it, and she is the sole person with a key to unlock it.

Aug. 26

An elderly woman reportedly kicked a City College employee in the leg, a result of learning she must pay the required student health fees despite already using Medicare. The elderly student contested this fee to a Health and Wellness Center staff member, with what another employee described as an angry voice, according to the report. Staff informed the woman that security was on their way, and escorted her out of the building, where she kicked an employee, the report said. While the woman insists that the employee assaulted her during the process of leaving, she had no visible bruises.

Aug. 30

Skaters reportedly trespassing on Kinko’s Early Learning Center drove away with a blue bouncy ball belonging to the center. Security was notified around 5 p.m. about the trespassers, clearing the grounds, only to have the skaters steal the toy upon a later return. The matter was resolved when campus security spoke with the owner of the vehicle, a City College student, who admitted that one of his friends had in fact taken the ball, and that they would return it.

Sept. 1

Around noon, security received a call about a student threatening a male in a silver mustang outside the Student Services building. The man in the mustang stated that he pulled out an aluminum bat only in self-defense after the other student made rude gestures, such as flipping him off and making movements as if to punch his window. Security was notified that the two have had problems in the past. However, the student, who was heading towards the Student Services building at the time, and others nearby, explain that the male in the mustang was the one looking to pick a fight. He was seen waving his bat around and encouraging the student to go off-campus to settle the matter.