Enrollment rises, few sections cut

Joey Large

With record high numbers in enrolled students, and increasing budget concerns, only 32 sections were cancelled after enforcing a minimum class size of 20 students.

The implementation of pre-requisites and co-requisites played a major part in low class numbers in many of these sections.

“When we planned for spring semester, we decided we would go with the same number of sections as last spring-not knowing whether or not we’d be funded for the new students,” said Jack Friedlander, vice-president of Educational Programs.

He also said that seven sections were added in math, English and English as a Second Language classes.

Compared to last spring, overall enrollment is up 9.1 percent for a total of 17,996 students. Full-time student numbers are up 11.6 percent to 7,213 students.

While Friedlander said they wanted to add science sections as well, there were no resources. “That’s one area that we weren’t able to respond to student demand,” he said.

He also said that faculty were asked to add extra students to their sections on a voluntary basis. “I’m pleased that a lot of teachers were willing to do that,” he said.

He added that given the current budget situation students have been patient, while faculty and staff have kept their commitment to students.