English learners invited to SBCC Library to bond with books

JON VREELAND, Channels Staff

City College’s English as a Second Language program will host its second “My Family Reads” event from 5-7 p.m. Friday, March 11, in the Luria Library.

The goal of the event is to help students learning English as a second language acclimate to the campus and learn how to use the library’s resources. All students and their families that are learning English are encouraged to attend.

“The first time we had this event was in the fall of last year and it was small but wonderful,” said Elizabeth Bowman, the Luria Library’s director and event coordinator.

Program Faculty Julie Alpert Wood said there will be events for all ages to participate in such as, story time and crafts for children and conversation tables for adults to practice English.

“The event’s purpose is to have families share reading and have a chance for all ages, parents and children, to participate in a communal reading event,” said Wood.

Wood said the having the event is in an effort to bring English learners into the culture of ‘communal reading.’

“We are communal readers,” said Wood. “What you read becomes a bridge between you and another person.”

The program’s faculty, tutors, students, and peer advisors will assist anyone with questions or needs assistance on learning the library’s computers and resources.

“We are excited about the ‘My Family Reads’ outreach to SBCC ESL students, their families and friends,” said Betsy Cassriel, program chair member and event coordinator. “We hope to connect students and potential students and their children to the great opportunities at SBCC.”

“The Luria Library is a wonderful resource for students,” said Cassriel. “We are grateful for our librarians, who are so enthusiastic about reaching out to ESL students. We hope that events like these will also build more sense of community among ESL students at the college.”

Cassriel, Bowman, and Wood are hopeful the event will support students and their families on their journey to learn the English language.

“A library filled with an unfamiliar language can be quite intimidating,” Bowman said. “Bringing family members could very well add to their comfort.”