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Competition offering financial rewards for students at City College

Gabriella Slabiak, Features Editor and Gabriella Slabiak, Features Editor

February 9, 2011

City College is hosting a challenge that gives business-minded students the opportunity to win $15,000. The competition is accepting participants from City College and high schools in Santa Barbara area. There will be three h...

Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour comes to City College

Gabriella Slabiak, Features Editor and Gabriella Slabiak, Features Editor

February 9, 2011

A team of America's most prominent young entrepreneurs is on its way to City College to inspire students to start small businesses.    The only one of its kind, The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour will be on campus dur...

Editorial: Hiring of PR consultant example of bad press

November 3, 2010

City College's recent hiring of a public relations consultant caused controversy. Challengers for the Board of Trustees and the executive board of the Instructors' Association have both accused the school of continued misuse o...

Gunter Pauli comes to campus for green-themed weekend of events

Johan Hammerby and Johan Hammerby

April 20, 2010

Inspirational thoughts about the environment and a positive view of the future will be delivered from high profile U.N. orator, author and entrepreneur Gunter Pauli at City College on Friday. Pauli travels the world speaking...

Marketing entrepeneur invents energy drink, now available in local stores

Marissa Kochan and Marissa Kochan

March 9, 2010

Wired is a way of life. Stressed-out students have become dependent on energy drinks and coffee to get them through the day. Overworked and under-rested, students are now more than ever in need of something to help them chill...

Social entrepreneur visits City College

Alanna Cummings

March 9, 2010

In the worlds of technology, art and architecture, a social entrepreneur shares her ideas about community, social networking, and sharing resources. Stephanie Smith visited City College's art department March 3 to discuss her ne...

Study abroad opportunities to Vienna, Costa Rica around the corner

Andrea Ellickson

February 26, 2010

In the upcoming weeks, students can begin to understand what it means to sit in a classroom on the other side of the world. City College will be offering two study abroad programs for this summer-Intensive Spanish Language in Costa Rica and Marketing Studies in Vienna. "Marketing ...

Alumni’s growing iPhone app makes nearby wine tasting easy

Travis Pastori and Travis Pastori

February 23, 2010

Somewhere between the average wine taster and the experienced connoisseur lies the picky consumer, who is driven for quality but lacks the right resources - until now. Former City College alumni, current senior artist for UC...

Tropical treats sold to mainlanders

Zac Estrada, Zac Estrada, and Zac Estrada

October 7, 2009

With a name like Backyard Bowls, business owners Dan Goddard and Pete Heth want customers to conjure images of beaches and hammocks as they enjoy a healthy snack in an open patio just blocks from the beach. Of course, the name...

Letter to the Editor – Low wage is price to pay for job in paradise

April 16, 2009

Editor, The Channels I would like to clarify some bits of information about the (March 11) column "Local businesses taking advantage of jobless." First off, this seemed to be a very bias column insulting local businesses...

Local businesses take advantage of the qualified, yet unemployed

Amanda Jacobs

March 25, 2009

Many of my friends, family members and I have lost our jobs or been undervalued by employers. We are becoming victims to the downward spiral that is an economic recession. However, while we might be struggling because of t...

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