Reviews of Arcade Fire’s Grammy nominated Album

Cody Bashore, Editor in Chief and Cody Bashore, Editor in Chief


Every year at least one alternative or rock album is nominated for Album of the Year. In the past 10 years only U2 has brought the honor of the award to the genre and that was in 2006.


This year’s Album of the Year nominee is “The Suburbs” from Montreal‘s Arcade Fire. To the worldwide public, the band is nowhere near as mainstream as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Eminem. But their track record shows they belong.


“The Suburbs” has made Arcade Fire three for three in nominations for Best Alternative Music Album at the Grammys, though this is the first for Album of the Year.


Obviously, their chances of leaving the Staples Center with the award are low. As is the case with Lady Antebellum, the band’s nomination is more of an acknowledgement that other genres exist outside those who fill Billboard’s Top 40.


But in regards to pure talent and the level of musical sophistication, Arcade Fire leads these five. The band’s arsenal includes its seven members who together play the typical instruments of a rock band. The xylophone, keyboard, saxophone and French horn are also discernable on “The Suburbs.”


Not to belittle the talent of the other nominees, but I don’t see them stretching their wings that far. We may not all be diehard Arcade Fire fans, but any true rock, alternative, or indie music fan should be rooting for them on Grammy night.