Bored staying home? We provide a list of recommendations to watch

Rodrigo Hernandez, Staff Writer

With the country being under stay-at-home orders, we find ourselves with plenty of extra time to binge on Netflix and Hulu. With new releases and older gems being constantly added, sometimes it can feel overwhelming, and nobody wants to waste time watching subpar content. If you’re looking for something to binge-watch, laugh at, learn, or just a fun easy viewing, here are a few recommendations to help you wade through your boredom.

Netflix Stand-up Specials:

Marc Maron – End Times Fun 

“End Times Fun” is witty, lively, and filled with Maron’s deadpan and sarcastic delivery. Digging into multiple topics such as the environment and criticizing male nerd culture, Maron’s unique and biting style shines through, and will bring levity to a world that is currently panicked. 

Bert Kreischer – Hey Big Boy 

Bert “The Machine” Kreischer commands the stage, shirtless, and takes the audience for a wild ride. Poking fun at himself, his family, and the environment, Kreischer is an open book, telling intimate but often engaging and playful stories. He dives into his personal life with tales of buying and “responsibility handling” guns, adopting animals, and his adventures caring for his daughters while his wife was away with wit and enthusiasm to make for a raunchy but fun time.

Netflix Releases

Lil Peep: Everybody’s Everything

This in-depth, intimate, and detailed look into Lil Peep’s life speaks volumes on who he was as a person and the message he left after his untimely death. Opening with one of his many wild shows, the documentary encapsulates the struggles and successes he experienced from his rough childhood to his tragic death. The incredibly moving film gives a great deal of insight into his life and pays respect to Peep’s character and legacy. 

Spenser Confidential

A fun “outlaw buddy-cop” thriller starring Mark Whalberg and Winston Duke, this Netflix production may be the most “Boston film” ever made, including a bar fight scene set to “Sweet Caroline.” Whalberg plays an ex-cop recently released from a prison who becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his former superior, who he was convicted of assault five years earlier. From corrupt cops to machete-wielding gangs and a cameo by recording artist Post Malone, the constantly entertaining fight scenes and comedic moments with well-known featured actors will keep you entertained with this fun action movie to watch while stuck inside.


Little Fires Everywhere

One of the most binge-worthy shows currently on streaming platforms, Little Fires Everywhere pulls you in from the get-go. Starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, this drama tackles race, social class, trauma, and sexuality in a series about a struggling artist and single mother who moves to a Cleveland suburb with her daughter, Pearl. Throughout, the show explores class separation, microaggressions, abuse of connections and power and exploitation. It’s an incredibly captivating mystery drama that has several themes that apply to today’s culture, and hits home in many relatable ways. 


Booksmart manages to deliver a fresh and up-to-date take on a teenage coming of age genre while remaining unique in its own right. Centered around the theme of female friendships and empowerment, the film follows best friends and stereotypical bookworms Molly (Beanie Feldstein) and Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) on the day before their graduation. After spending their four-years in high school obsessing over good grades, high test scores and getting into Ivy League colleges, they attempt to crash an epic party, cramming four years worth of wild nights into one. There are great performances throughout, and the modern humor in the film is like a breath of fresh air that will have you longing for the return of social gatherings and wild nights with friends.