SBCC ‘Big Bands’ play at SoHo

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Ryan Cullom

City College jazz band “Goodtimes” performs at SOhO Restaurant and Music Club on Monday, Oct. 6, 2014 in Santa Barbara, Calif. “Goodtimes” did a four-song set, one of which was ‘Moments Notice.’


It was City College’s very own “Good Times Big Band” and “Lunch Break Big Band” that jazzed up the stage at SOhO restaurant and music club Monday night.

The night started off energetic, with people pouring in waiting to be seated. By the time the show started, it was a full house every chair was taken. The bar was flowing with people and the performers made their way to the stage.

The first band to perform was “Good Times Big Band,” directed by Eric Heidner.The ensemble played a four-song set, starting with the number, “Moments Notice,” made famous by American Jazz composer, John Coltrane.

It was a perfect song to set the mood for the night, with its cheery tone and upbeat vibe. They hit every note and the saxophonist Kyle Tefft and alto-saxophonist Amanda Moran played their pieces with great ease and composure.

The music was booming, which made for a fantastic atmosphere, filled with people enjoying the jazz that was brought to them by City College’s finest musicians.

They performed the song, “Another Great Day,” created by artist Marc Taylor. The song was full of life, bursting with rhythm and had a lot of spunk. I enjoyed the song, and thought they performed it exceptionally well – I’d like to think the crowd agreed, judging from their applause.

It was very impressive. They performed so eloquently considering they were in such small quarters while crammed on top of each other one by one. But without hesitation, they managed to fit a piano and an electric guitar onto the stage.

In less than a minute, the “Lunch Break Big Band,” directed by Jim Mooy, had taken the stage by storm.

They started their four-song set with, “Sticks,” composed by Julian Edwin “Cannonball” Adderley, the famous jazz alto saxophonist. It was a smooth song that had a very edgy feel to it – making for a quite jazzy performance.

Jim Mooy made sure to keep the crowd entertained and the band made for an extraordinary performance. They played the original rock song, “Black Hole Sun,” by the band “Soundgarden,” and effortlessly captured the darkness and meaning of the song.

It was an energizing performance by both bands and they made for a thrilling show that can’t be missed.

SOhO made for a charming venue that carried the music to its full potential, considering it was such a small place.

If you would like to watch City College’s “Big Bands” play at SOhO Oct. 27, they’ll be performing at their CD release party. It will be featuring “Lunch Break Big Band” and “Monday Madness Big Band”— there is a $15 cover charge including the CD.