CD Review – “These Hopeful Machines” by BT

Paige Comaduran and Paige Comaduran

BT, the electronic genre singer and songwriter, released his sixth album, “These Hopeful Machines (Remixes),” last week. The album gradually gained popularity on iTunes throughout the week.

The CD features four songs and seventeen tracks. Multiple versions of every song appear on the album, as different DJs remix each track.

The album combines the unmistakable quick beats of techno music with BT’s smooth pop-resembling vocals. Together, an ethereal sound is produced, heralding a great drive down the open freeway or an amazing run at sunset for the listener.

Some of the tracks, like “Suddenly” and “Every Other Way feat. Jes,” include some subtle rock acoustics with the clear-cut computer-generated techno beats. This combination produces a unique sound quality.

Whether you’re craving an adrenaline rush or just want to relax, these songs offer dual enjoyment for either activity. Your ears will thank you.