CD Review – “Davy” by Coconut Records

Dan Nelson and Dan Nelson

“Davy” is the sophomore album by Coconut Record’s Jason Schwartzman. A perennial Wes Anderson actor, Schwartzman has made “Davy” another one of his solo projects.

With vocal stylings reminiscent of the late Elliott Smith, the album offers a cohesive blend of songs with eclectic instruments. The tracks “Any Fun” and “Drummer” sound similar to the era of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, like “Saint Jerome”.

The second half of the album tends to go stagnate, but this former Phantom Planet drummer’s musical credibility keeps it from idling completely. The album’s first official single, “Microphone,” is a prelude of quasi-pseudo emotional lyrics that progress throughout the entirety of the CD.

The aforementioned track “Drummer” is the most introspectively driven song on the album. In it, Schwartzman muses over time spent with Phantom Planet, with lyrics like, “I was a drummer in a band that you’ve heard of.”