CD Review- Rebelution: “Bright Side of Life”

Jon Marx, Jon Marx, and Jon Marx

Rebelution’s third studio album, “Bright Side of Life,” gives listeners everything they’ve expected and more. A follow-up to 2007’s “Courage to Grow,” Rebelution delivers their signature guitar riffs and incredibly addicting melodies.

In the title track, frontman Eric Rachmany, dishes out thoughtful lyrics that describe how listeners should remain positive, take things as they come and set examples. The lyrics throughout the album are thought out and perfectly synchronized with the rest of the instruments.

In “Moonlight,” a slower track with fierce reggae tones and beautiful vocal synchronization, Rachmany describes time spent under the stars with another; “We’ll be under the moonlight, dancing away like two silhouettes in the sand, what a sight can you see? Can you see me? Or is this a dream?”

The album addresses issues ranging from love to revolt, and does it in a way that listeners will enjoy. This album shows both critics and listeners that Rebelution can hang with the greatest in their genre.