CD Review- Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future

Amanda Jacobs, Amanda Jacobs, and Amanda Jacobs

Indie-pop duo The Bird and The Bee created an electric debut album in 2006 that topped the Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart.

L.A.-based singer Inara George and sideman Greg Kurstin released their new album, “Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future,” on Jan. 27.

The duo’s stylistic chord changes, keyboard sounds and popping beats are impeccable. George is on point and in command of her melodies in the verses of “Ray Gun,” and in the video game styles of “Love Letter to Japan.” Electronically, Kurstin balances George’s melodies with space bleeps in “Meteor.”

The retro-electro album topped the digital albums of the Billboard’s Top 200 chart at No. 78 last week. It is creating excitement from their fans.

The detailed production on the feel-good album makes the songs enjoyable to listen to at parties or through headphones.