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Review of Lupe Fiasco’s music video for ‘The Show Goes On’

The song “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco is an inspirational piece that gives hope to people in the everyday struggle. The video for the song does a good job bringing a visual life to lyrics.

The musical composition consists of Fiasco getting ready backstage for an upcoming concert while the excited audience is cheering with their hands waving at the sky.

Fiasco illuminates the dark hallways with his glowing attire, and the red silhouettes of his figure paint the walls. The motion picture is a metaphor of him spreading his wings and shedding light on the dark times we live in.

Fiasco’s forceful lyrics put his message of hope into perspective. His optimism is conveyed toward people of poverty, telling them to overcome the haters and keep their heads high during these tough times.

The chorus shares the same guitar riffs and melody as the song “Float On” by Modest Mouse. This sampling brings a familiar feeling.

This music video deserves five stars for its witty lyrics, vivid visualizations, and creative twists. Lupe Fiasco is the epitome of Hip Hop because he takes parts from great songs and puts his original spin on it.

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