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‘Buz’ Graham shares activism experience and documentary

JACKIE COBOS, Channels Staff

March 21, 2017

Filed under News, On campus

The American ethnic studies department partnered with a civil rights activist who firsthand underwent oppression in the 1960s to share the short documentary “Freedom Summer” with the City College community. Activist Benjamin ‘Buz’ Graham brought his experience to the screening ev...

SBCC College Promise continues to fund local student education

BROOKE SNOW, Channels Staff

March 17, 2017

Filed under Academic, News

The SBCC College Promise has given local students the opportunity to go to college for free so they can further their education and life goals instead of their student debt. As long as students meet the requirements made by th...

Equity panel exposes students to perspectives on Islamophobia

AUSTIN P. AMBROSE, Channels Staff

March 16, 2017

Filed under Muslim, News

Normally, Imam Yama Niazi wouldn’t have thought twice about the Middle-Eastern man stepping onto the plane with him. But recent events and the media’s coverage of Muslims got him thinking. “The thought ran in my head,...

Retired marine diving teacher inducted to Diving Hall of Fame

KATHYVAN TRAN, Associate Editor

March 14, 2017

Filed under News

Retired assistant professor Mike Von Alvensleben, who taught marine diving technology at City College for 16 years, was inducted into the 2016 Commercial Diving Hall of Fame. The annual “Underwater Intervention” convention, where...

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